9 Steps to Become an Independent Aviation Consultant

After my previous articles, in which I attempted to share my views on various aspects of an aircraft lease transition project, I have received a few emails from people asking me on how to become an independent aviation consultant and whether I think the life of a...
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Relationship Management in a Lease Transition Project

In my previous articles about the “10 most wanted qualities of an aviation technical consultant” as well as the “11 challenges in a lease transition project”, I have touched briefly on the need for proper relationship management in all such endeavors. Many of you, in...
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Freelancing in a Niche Business – The Ultimate Guide

Freelancing is gaining momentum. More companies than ever before are willing to hire freelancers and also more professionals are considering to switch what used to be called a “steady 9 to 5” to a freelancing venture. Still, freelancing is often associated with a few...
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Is Digital Personal Branding a Must?

We have all heard it. Personal brands, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook fan pages, Twitter messages, Snapchat videos, you name it. The internet seems to be yelling “Get out there! Show yourself!”. This may leave many people wondering whether they really should participate...
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Hello Everyone, my name is Michal and this is my short story …


I’m first and foremost an engineer and like to keep things effective in their simplicity. Nothing better than bullet points:

  • Year of manufacture – 1981 in Warsaw, Poland
  • Born to fly and travel!
  • Spent 5 years in Germany as a child, learned the language, started to appreciated the “Curry Wurst” and sauerkraut
  • Grew up and finished primary education in Warsaw, Poland. A bit of a rebel at that time!
  • Discovered “Top Gun” at age 13 and been into it ever since. If it ain’t got wings, it’s unlikely to impress me (helicopters, hovercraft and ambitious business ideas excluded)
  • Moved and lived for 4 years in Vancouver (Canada). Learned the language, started using “Eh?” at the end of each sentence (very difficult to unlearn!), became a fan of venti coffee cups
  • Completed highschool, started university (Metals and Materials at the University of British Columbia)
  • Finished a course on entrepreneurship. The seed was planted and was growing for all the years to come.
  • Got my PPL (Private Pilot’s License) at the age of 20. Loved my golf – mike – alpha – tango!
  • Fell in love with computers, became a self taught C and C++ programmer, became addicted to graphics design and web technologies.
  • Moved back to Poland, started aeronautical engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology and Computer Science at the Polish – Japanese Institute of Information Technologies.
  • Started to work for airlines, became passionate about aircraft maintenance.
  • Got married to a wonderful woman.
  • Currently raising two fantastic sons.
  • Visited about 30 countries (hard to keep track, but I’m trying)
  • Making a life, rather than a living, by doing what I love and spending plenty of time with my family.
  • Future? The sky is not the limit (not anymore, after 1903).


Michal Swoboda